Letters to the editor for Feb. 20

February 18, 2014 

Making up snow days

Regarding he recent commentary from The State on snow days: forgiving snow days by the powers that be is hypocritical. We live in a state of 46 counties, one of which is very well known for its summer tourism dollars.

When the idea of beginning school earlier in August and ending the school year earlier, that county cried foul! They became the “squeaky wheel,” making the most noise about lack of teen workers and lost revenue.

The Senate then kowtowed to their cries and went back to more traditional school starting dates. This caused the students to lose two weeks of instruction prior to HSAP testing. We all wanted the scores to go up and then did something that was exactly opposite of what could help.

Now the Legislature is considering allowing districts to “forgive” snow days, meaning less than a 180-day school year for students. Again we're seeing the call to make those test scores better but then allowing the elimination of instructional days.

People will complain about vacations being fouled up. I already know my school district calendar for next year, and plans will be made around that.

Maybe a better solution would be to read that more carefully when making family plans rather than being a riverboat gambler with the weather.

Mike Smith


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