Power repair worker injured when hit by car in SC, returned to job

thestate.comFebruary 19, 2014 

Scott Lee, left, of Santee Electric Cooperative pulled fellow lineman Steve Pendleton of North Carolina away from an oncoming car last week. The car still grazed Pendleton, breaking his knee cap, but the North Carolinian returned to work on the downed power lines the next day.


Here's another reason to hug a power line worker:

A lineman for a North Carolina company working in Clarendon County was grazed by a vehicle this week, breaking his knee cap. But he refused to go home, deciding to work through the pain, according to the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina.

The cooperatives group included Steve Pendleton’s story in its latest accounting of the number of customers still without power from the ice storm - 7,135 as of early Wednesday.

Pendleton is one of hundreds of out-of-state linemen who traveled to South Carolina to help out last week. He was supplementing the Santee Electric Cooperative crews along U.S. 521 when, just three hours into the job, he was sideswiped by a vehicle. The car had been hit by another car, then spun toward Pendleton and Scott Lee, a Santee lineman. Lee pulled Pendleton out of the way, but the North Carolinian was grazed by the car.

Pendleton later went to get his leg checked and found he had a broken knee cap. But instead of heading back to his home, Pendleton was back on the job site the next day, according to the cooperative group.

“We appreciate Pendleton for his determination to stay and help our power crews get the job done,” the cooperative said in its email. “He has now returned home for follow-up care with his doctor, and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

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