Letters to the editor for Feb. 21

February 21, 2014 

We need standards

Thank you for the editorial on Common Core. I’m having a hard time figuring out why anyone would object to high standards or to uniform standards across our great country. What are we afraid of, that we won’t meet the standards?

Doris T. Browder

Rock Hill

Dys writes great stories

Andrew Dys is not the story, but without his words the stories go untold.

Thanks, Andrew, for another great piece on cancer survivor Emily Elkins and her ovation-worthy appearance at the Winthrop University basketball game.

Dr. Bill Hilton Jr.


Snow days are complicated

The issue of making up these snow days is not as simple as a recent editorial made it sound. Yes, these days are a loss of valuable instructional time.

But simply tacking on days at the end of the year would not replace this lost time. Whether we like it or not, statewide standardized testing is the mark by which students and educators are judged. Days added to the end of the school year would be after such testing occurs in May.

Taking away spring break would hurt the morale of students and teachers alike, and very likely anger parents who already booked flights, hotels, etc. Using remaining holidays such as Presidents Day and teacher work days as makeup days is a more viable option. In the grand scheme of things, using one to two forgiveness days, if passed by the state Legislature, will not significantly harm students’ education.

Jay Kloss

Rock Hill

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