Letters to the editor for March 26

March 27, 2014 

Thanks for supporting Eagles

To the “Winthrop Nation”: Thank you for helping Winthrop University Women’s Basketball team earn its first ever Big South Championship and NCAA Tournament appearance. I would like to thank the President Emeritus Anthony DiGiorgio, President Jamie Comstock, Larry Williamson and our Athletic Director Tom Hickman for their vision and leadership!

I greatly appreciate all the support from the Winthrop student body, band, cheerleaders and garnet girls. Thank you to my staff, the hardest workers in all the land; and to the 14 players, who have trained hard and made Winthrop University and all of Rock Hill proud!

To our loyal fans and supporters, you make it possible for us. We appreciate each and every one of you! It takes everybody to be No. 1.

In the past two years we have accomplished 45 wins, two tournament appearances, and it’s only the beginning.

Onward, upward, Winthrop ever stand!

Go Eagles!

Kevin Cook

Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Winthrop University

Government not serving us

Is it not blatantly obvious with each every passing day that our federal leadership no longer serves “we, the people”? Is it not obvious with each passing day that extremely powerful individuals using their NGOs, think tanks, politicians and multi-national corporations – which includes media – are serving another agenda detrimental to “we, the people”?

Our rights and freedoms are being stripped daily. Essentially, we are all “potential” terrorists, so we truly have no rights. Just look at the policy supported by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., that allows our military to knock down your front door and make you disappear forever legally. He says there is a fair and impartial panel to protect against any wrongful intrusion and detention. Do you believe this?

Not only are our personal liberties been effectively stripped, our financial wealth is being gutted by the Federal Reserve and government policies through bailouts, outsourcing, trade pacts, open borders, and rising taxes and regulation. Being intellectually honest, ask yourself, are our federal government officials serving the needs of “we, the people,” or do they truly serve another master?

Mark Merg

Rock Hill

Why did officer shoot dog?

I am so sad thinking what Mrs. McGlones is going through because her dog Scarlett was shot by a police officer. Why would you shoot a dog on a leash? Why not back up before shooting her?

I think some police shoot people and dogs before they think. I have a dog named Dizzee who is 12 years old. I don’t know what I would do if something like that happened to her.

Jeanne Wyatt


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