Letters to the editor for April 10

April 9, 2014 

Simple rules for parents

I remember when I was around 15 years old, I and about 20 of my friends started a gang called the Sylvia Circle Boys. Our mission was to go around Rock Hill and start fights with other neighborhood kids for respect. The only problem with our gang really having the opportunity to establish itself was – our parents.

You see, I grew up in a culture where the parents, not the police or the church, were required to raise me. My parents and the parents of my friends had one rule that I remember to this very day: If you weren’t home before it got dark, there would be trouble.

The street lights were symbolic. By the time they flashed, it was like ready, set, go! You should see how fast our so-called gang disbursed.

I believe the principles of my day can still help solve today’s problems with gang activity. The principles of my day were simple: Parents are accountable and make their children accountable. The street-light example was just one example of accountability, but not the only one I remember. Here is a small list of things I learned from my parents that I use in my parenting:

1. Be present at your child's school not just when they get in trouble but for PTO involvement, family activity nights, etc.

2. Know all of your child's friends and their parents.

3. Make frequent visits to my child's school to monitor behavior (don’t let them know when you are coming). Talk to teachers, administrators and even the custodians and give them your cell number.

4. Get your child involved in a civic group or church group.

5. Give your child something to dream about. Mini-vacations, trips to the museum, library, or just driving 25 miles away from home can open up a child's imagination.

6. Find a mentor for your child (if necessary)

Let's kick this gang activity by applying parental rules to our children. Remember, like my friend Pastor Robinson says, “Parents it’s OK to be parents.”

C.T. Kirk

Rock Hill

Wrong choice on hospital

In regard to the recent editorial, “Another milestone in hospital battle,” I was very disappointed in both the decision and your comment on the decision. According to articles, the decision was based primarily on big business profit, not what is best for the people of York County.

The financial disasters of the recent past should have taught us that “business” is not what we should be building our country, our state or our county on. To have read that putting more money into executives’ pockets was the deciding reasoning was disgusting.

More disappointing was that you agreed. Once again, the people of York county have been ignored.

Roger Gee

Rock Hill

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