Letters to the editor for April 15

April 14, 2014 

No one is accountable

It is supposed to be "we the people," not “we the government”!

One major problem we have is that no one in Washington including the White House is held accountable. “I did not know.” “I plead the 5th.” “It was under the last president.”

My wife and I have a checkbook, just like most people. It is in the black! Always! What’s with Washington’s checkbook? Do they even know how to or care to balance the country’s checkbook?

“We the people” had better stand-up and be counted, just like Lee Greenwood sings about.

Paul Greiser

Rock Hill

A race to the bottom

Regarding your editorial “S.C. lawmakers punish university again,” once again some South Carolina legislators are doing everything they can to help South Carolina university students race to the bottom. Legislators who support taking funds away from USC Upstate can call it anything they want, but censorship is censorship is censorship.

What will the legislators propose next? Perhaps they will support book burning to rid the state of “decadent” books much like that initiated by Joseph Goebbels.

South Carolina students understand that a program titled “How to be a lesbian in 10 days or less” is not any more real than the tooth fairy or the cookie monster. Obviously some of our legislators can't tell the difference.

Our students do not need to be protected by the legislators, they need to be protected from the legislators.

John Solomon, Ph.D, MBA


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