Letters to the editor for April 18

April 17, 2014 

Don’t ignore Passover

As a new resident of the area I have been pleased with the eclectic and fair-minded approach of your newspaper ... until I saw Monday’s paper. Both the major front-page article and the entire "Week Ahead" column discussed the upcoming Easter holidays, yet there was no mention of the major Jewish holiday of Passover.

We are your neighbors, and hopefully your friends, and your ignoring our religious festival was a serious step backwards in your representation of the whole community.

During this time of renewal and joy, when the common bases of our religions are so evident, shouldn't your paper extol our common roots and not ignore them?

Cary Kimmel

Indian Land

Friend strong to the end

Gary McCann’s Thursday column beautifully captured the core of Dennis Brewer. Dennis was my barber, friend and gossip swapper for more than 40 years. And for nearly a year he dealt with his inevitable fate more calmly and heroically than the rest of us – making calls to update and reassure us regulars, texting jokes and jabs about politics or football, bragging on his kids and, even as the systems failed, keeping his sense of Dennis firmly intact.

A standing joke between us involved my trips to a Murrell’s Inlet restaurant named Pacino’s. It sits in a little strip center next door to a beauty/barber shop where a giant handwritten sign for years has advertised “Haircuts $9.”

At least three times I have photographed that sign and texted it to Brewer for appropriate comment. Did it again last November when his cancer was worse, saying “Brewer, I really can get a haircut for $9 here.” This time he texted back, “You’ve been getting a $9 haircut for years, you’ve just been paying me $20 for it!” Pure Dennis!

Dennis made sure, despite his own pain, to lighten that of his friends and family. To the end he continued to be, as Rev. Bob Shrum described him, funny, generous and caring. Nice legacy indeed.

Bob Thompson

Rock Hill

Throw out the incumbents

People in office have not done enough to get us jobs in Rock Hill and the U.S. We need to vote all of these people out of office in November – mayor, city council, county council, senators, congressmen and anyone else running for office the second time.

We need new people who care about all the people.

The only way to get jobs is to cut back on imports now. If it can be made, let’s make it in the USA.

Edward Messer


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