Letters to the editor | May 19

May 18, 2014 

Clowney learned here

Congratulations to Jadeveon Clowney on being the No. 1 NFL draft pick, and we are very proud of him here at Demon Nation and the whole city of Rock Hill.

To set the official record straight: “Doo Doo,” as we all know him, learned to play football during his five years as a Sylvia Circle Demon. One year at Sullivan didn’t teach him football.

So, as a former coach of his, I would like to congratulate Sylvia Circle, Sullivan, South Pointe, USC and the city of Rock Hill for turning out a fine young man and player.

Derrick Robinson

Rock Hill

Focus on the positive

What a sad and sorry world we live in, and the news media does nothing but add to it! The headline on the front page of Thursday's Herald read: “Clover High freshman charged as an adult.” It should have read: “Clover High’s Wilson named National FCCS Teacher of the Year.”

Instead of presenting a positive headline, you chose to go with a negative headline and give attention to a student accused of seriously hurting another student. Why do we keep publicizing the negative?

Parents and readers would rather see good news than bad news.

Christy Wilson was deserving of the front-page headline! The positive influence she has on the students she comes into contact with daily is much more worthy.

David B. Campbell


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