Voice of the people for May 20

May 19, 2014 

Group is on the fringe

I read with great interest James Thompson’s “To the contrary” commentary criticizing the recent health care forum that featured Dr. Thomas Kendall, president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Certainly the positions of this obscure group, cited by Thompson, could not be true! Doing my own research, I learned that he was indeed correct in calling out Dr. Kendall’s organization as an extremist fringe quack group promoting a nonsense-filled and hateful political philosophy.

Mr. Thompson did not include in his article that the association is opposed to all forms of vaccination. Apparently they want a return to the scourge of dreaded polio with its iron lungs, leg braces, crutches and eventual death of America’s young people. Thanks to Dr. Jonas Salk and his California research team, with vaccinations this dreaded disease has been eliminated in most of the world.

That U.S. Repl Mick Mulvaney and state Rep. Ralph Norman sat there mute during Dr. Kendall’s bizarre rant is no surprise. It takes a bit of spine to stand up to the Tea Party Patriots mob.

Edmund J. FitzGerald

Rock Hill

Be thankful for friends

I have a dear friend who has an illness. My friend offered me his hand 30 years ago during some of the darkest days of my life. My friend offered no solutions to my problems. My friend listened to me, and with God’s help, I finally started to put my life back in order.

My friend has a wonderful wife, three precious children, a loving mother, borther and sister. My friend is a Godly man who has given so much to our church and community. He has ministered to so many of God’s children.

My friend is a Clemson graduate and second-generation friend to the university. Recently, my friend had a surprise visitor at his door, one Dabo Sweeney. What a wonderful surprise.

My friend taught me to have grace, honor, dignity and compassion in my heart. We give thanks that there are so many compassionate people in our community who extend a loving and caring hand to those who need a visit, a call, a smile or just a prayer. Thanks be to God that I have a friend who is one of them.

Buzzy Hall

Rock Hill

Media takes full control

Thanks to the media, I and others will not look at or be involved with professional basketball any more. This is in no way the USA I was born in. The media has taken control of everything.

Charlie E. Fox

Rock Hill

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