Voice of the people for May 23

May 22, 2014 

Stop Celanese development

Contact Mayor Doug Echols and Rock Hill City Council members and voice your opinion, sign the petition, and come to the next council meeting, Tuesdday at 6 p.m. This meeting may seal the fate of the development at Celanese and Ebinport (aka Celanese Station) anchored by a Wal-mart venture. The council expressed concern over the development being regulated only under lesser York County standards.

What will be brought to the table that hasn’t already happened in the past five months since this discussion first hit the table? The positive: More jobs, grocery stores and gas stations to the area – McDonald’s on Celanese is almost complete, Publix on Cherry Road has opened, Publix at Heckle and Herlong is under construction, and the Wal-mart Neighborhood Market on Cherry is slowly progressing. A new mega-gas station on Celanese at Interstate 77 has opened with a second one going in by the York County Airport at Ebenezer.

Unfortunately, there is a negative to all of this, more traffic and congestion.

Kristen Kull

Rock Hill

Try a soy dog

Folks setting up to break out their outdoor grill on Memorial Day face a deadly choice of inflicting food poisoning or cancer on their family and friends. Food poisoning by E. coli and salmonella bacteria, if they undercook their meat. Cancer if they heat their meat to the point of creating cancer-causing compounds.

Luckily, a bunch of enterprising U.S. food manufacturers and processors have met this challenge head-on by developing a great variety of healthful, delicious, and convenient veggie burgers and soy dogs. These delicious plant-based foods don’t harbor nasty pathogens or cancer-causing compounds. They don’t even carry cholesterol, saturated fats, drugs or pesticides.

This Memorial Day offers a superb opportunity to consign meat to a bad memory and to share wholesome veggie burgers and soy dogs, covered in barbecue sauce, with our family and friends.

Ron Henderson

Rock Hill

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