Letters to the editor for June 3

June 2, 2014 

Cox for District 5

I know Christi Cox will be a fiscal conservative if elected to the York County Council. She is a mother of three children, a Christian and has lived in York County all her life.

She is a fighter who will keep our taxes low and fight special interest groups. Christi has fought out-of-state garbage dumps from moving into our county and stopped them!

Her opponent has tried to bring in out-of-state dumps into our county and is part of a lawsuit against the county to bring out-of-state garbage to our county.

Christi will be a welcome voice on the council and will be the first woman elected to the council. She knows how to get along with people and will bring the current members together.

We need someone to help solve our problems, fix our roads, create jobs and preserve our quality of life.

I was looking forward to the debate this week until her opponent reversed his decision on doing the debate. What is he trying to hide?

It must be the out-of-state garbage issue he is running from.

Please vote for Christi Cox, a true leader, trustworthy and conservative voice for York County.

Paul Anderko

Rock Hill

Winkler won’t debate

Robert Winkler, candidate for York County Council District 3, has refused to debate incumbent councilman Joe Cox on two separate occasions. How can he be expected to debate other councilmen on issues if he is unwilling or unable to debate the incumbent?

Frank Duncan


Patriotic even was success

To all participants in Massing the Colors: Thank you for your participation in Massing the Colors at Rock Hill High School on May 18. It was through the efforts of every participant that the event was so successful.

From the feedback, it was the best yet for the Rock Hill Scottish Rite Valley and the Rock Hill High School JROTC group.

O. Walter Sealy

Rock Hill

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