Voice of the people for June 4

June 3, 2014 

Drilling not worth risk

I must disagree with Brad Dean, president of Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, regarding his advocacy for drilling for oil in South Carolina’s coastal zone. I disagree for these reasons.

First, tourism is the leading economic driver for jobs in our state. The coastal area provides a major segment for jobs in tourism. Even a remote chance of polluting coastal beaches and waters is not worth any potential gains to be made in drilling offshore.

Second, South Carolina’s coastal marshes and creeks are the most productive spawning and breeding areas for seafood (fish and shellfish) of America’s east coast. Twenty years ago the battle was fought and won to prevent an oil refinery from being located along estuarine waters in Georgetown.

Reasons given in the court decision then are just as valid today. Risks to habitat/ecology and hazards to human health and marine life exceeded the potential for gain. In the contest between private interest and public good, the latter won.

Third, in the quest for new energy sources, drilling for offshore oil and gas in pristine waters is less enticing today than in the past to Big Oil. Renewable sources, solar, wind, natural gas, and hydrogen fuel-cells have made rapid technological advances as sources.

It is surprising for Brad Dean, CEO for the Myrtle Beach Chamber, to lobby for the interests of Big Oil. If I were a member of his board, I would urge his resignation. He apparently has lost sight of the constituency that writes his paycheck.

Harry M. Dalton

Rock Hill

Christi Cox for District 5

We have known our niece Christi Cox all her life. As her uncles, we have watched her grow from infancy to the mature, educated woman she is today.

She has been driven since birth and received accolades in all her schools from elementary through law school. She has had many obstacles to overcome to be the successful individual she is today, but she faced each one head-on and prevailed.

Vote for Christi Cox on Tuesday. You won’t regret it. She will represent all her district and is willing to listen, hear and deal with your issues.

Pookie, Rici and Chick Williams

Rock Hill

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