Voice of the people for June 5

June 4, 2014 

Marty Taylor for District 5

I’d like to ask the people in the 5th District of York County to vote for Marty Taylor for county council on Tuesday. Marty is a York County native who has the experience and knowledge to provide our county with great leadership. He will take a common-sense approach to address community issues by making sure they are clearly understood, determine the available options, gather input and then support the most effective option for the people of York County.

Marty has proven his desire to serve the people of our district, so that is why I, my family and friends are voting for him. Marty has worked tirelessly during his campaign to focus energy on presenting specific recommendations that will deliver improvements to our local governing body.

Marty possesses a trait you don't find in many politicians these days – that of being humble and willing to serve, really serve, the people. That’s why we need Marty, because he will be a representative and not just another politician.

David Ward Jr.

Fort Mill

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