Voice of the people for June 6

June 5, 2014 

Big choice for voters

We as citizens of York County District Five have a very important day coming up on Tuesday. We will be electing a new county council member for the first time in over 20 years.

Christi Cox is the right person to take on this job for all District Five residents. Christi was born and raised here. She is an attorney and mother who truly has the interests of the community and her children ahead of self interest and special interests. Christi has the credentials, work ethic and the community's interests at heart. I am voting for Christi and encourage you to do the same.

Garrett Keogh

Rock Hill

Bring back excellence

I bet no person today could pass the 1895 Salina, Kan., eighth-grade final exam! Nor could anyone today approach the 1920s education my mother received in a rural one-room schoolhouse. When schools were small, there were no administrators. Teachers were held accountable – and they would be replaced by parents if they didn’t do a good job.

Education is not about layers of administrators, fancy buildings or state-of-the-art technology. It is about teaching and learning. It is not about government indoctrination or teacher “guarantees.” It is about mastering the tools of living: careful observing, logical thinking, insightful reading, expressive writing, clear communicating, grasping the lessons of history, effective evaluating, accurate measuring and calculating, and problem-solving. These are the fundamental skills that apply to all students regardless of the particular training path they choose to pursue.

Education is not a static “one size fits all” affair. Students differ from each other, and so do teachers. Teachers must be free to teach their way, to continuously improve their knowledge and to experiment with various methods and approaches to “get through” to their students. They must be able to use the feedback from their classroom to form their own best judgment – instead of being forced to rely on the judgment of top-down administrators, unions or government bureaucrats (as per Common Core).

I urge voters to consider the candidates for S.C. Superintendent of Education carefully and in good conscience to cast their votes for Sheri Few, the candidate who will most effectively bring excellence back to education in South Carolina.

Roy Bird


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