Deputies: Man who choked girlfriend may have made fake 911 calls

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJune 7, 2014 

A Rock Hill man accused of choking his girlfriend earlier this week may have made several fake 911 calls to mislead police so that he could evade arrest, York County deputies say.

The incident happened on Thursday when deputies found a 30-year-old woman lying on the ground with a cut to her arm, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report. The woman told deputies that the last thing she remembered was someone attacking her inside her house just before midnight, throwing her through a window and sprinkling glass everywhere.

Deputies searched the Red River Road house and found large amounts of blood inside.

The woman was taken to Piedmont Medical Center, where she changed her story of what happened several times, the report states. She eventually said her boyfriend returned to the house after drinking with a neighbor and began arguing with her.

Police identified the boyfriend as Andrew Frank Dibona, 41. He is accused of grabbing his girlfriend's neck and choking her while they argued, the sheriff's office report states. During the dispute, the woman broke free of her boyfriend’s grasp and reached for the living room window, thinking it was open.

It wasn’t, the report states, and the woman instead cut her arm on the glass. Dibona then gathered his belongings, deputies said, and left the house. The woman began knocking on neighbors’ doors seeking help.

After deputies found the injured woman, they learned that Rock Hill Police earlier in the night had received a call about a shooting at Empire Pizza on Cherry Road.

Police determined there was no shooting and, when they tracked the location of the call, it went back to a Red River home.

Authorities received a second call that a suspect in a domestic dispute on Red River Road was at the Executive Inn on Anderson Road in Rock Hill.

Again, police arrived at the motel and realized the call was another false lead. They again tracked the number to a house off Red River Road where they found Dibona hiding in a back bedroom closet, the report states.

Dibona told police his girlfriend drank nearly a whole bottle of Vodka and became upset with him, throwing items and punching her hand through the window. He also told deputies that his bond conditions prevent him from being at his girlfriend’s home, so he left.

He denied making fake 911 phone calls, but deputies believe it was likely he was trying to lure officers away from the area to avoid arrest, according to the police report. Deputies arrested Dibona, charging him with criminal domestic violence.

Dibona was released from the Moss Justice Detention Center on a $2,130 bond, according to the sheriff's office website.

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