Letters to the editor for June 9

June 8, 2014 

Voters have big choice

Voters have crucial choices to make in the Tuesday’s primary elections, especially when it comes to education.

At last count, there were eight Republicans, four Democrats and one third-party candidate in the race. Your choices range from freeing education from the shackles of state and federal controls (as represented by candidate Sheri Few) to the total takeover of education by the federal government (as represented by those who favor forcing prescribed uniform standards – like Common Core – on the entire nation). And then there are the compromisers who try to “mix” educational freedom with educational force.

On Tuesday you get to choose: Are we going to honor the right of parents and students to freely choose their educational path from a wide variety of educational facilities competing for excellence – or are we going to allow government planners and bureaucratic administrators to force their politically correct uniform agenda on our nation like a straitjacket?

Terry Taylor


Let’s go with co-op

I have never understood why we have two electric power providers in York county, Duke Energy and York Electric Co-Op. York Electric Co-Op provides superior customer service and is owned by member/users. I previously had York Co-Op and have had Duke the past several years because of the area I moved to, even though it is surrounded by York Co-Op-covered areas.

There needs to be a concerted effort to have the entire county covered by a member-owned company responsive to their needs. York Co-Op even returns dividend checks to its members.

Let’s get this conglomerate control out of our community.

Larry Carter


Here’s a worse scandal

If anyone at all has been paying even casual attention to the news and hearing about what is going with our veteran’s health care, let me offer up a comment. If you think the VA scandal is bad, what in the world do you think is going to happen when Obamacare fully takes over?

Obviously the government does not have the ability or smarts to run one-sixth of our economy. It is going to take decades to get over the mess this administration has made.

Marvin Grant


Cox has enthusiasm

I have served on the Haven board with Christi Cox for a little over two years. She is full of enthusiasm and brings a unique perspective to our operation.

I may not live in her district, but based on her participation on our board, I believe she would be a valuable asset to our York County Council.

Lloyd Ardrey

Rock Hill

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