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What do people see in Hillary Clinton?

Special to The HeraldJune 11, 2014 

Hillary Clinton – it seems her name is on almost everybody’s lips today for one reason or another.

Is she going to run for president in 2016? At the moment, it would seem so. What kind of president would she make?

She is widely admired by some and quite puzzling to others. Her past has been somewhat checkered, and I won’t go into all that. Check her out from her college days to today. You will discover what I mean.

At the present time, it seems to me that she is not to be trusted. What’s new? So many government agencies and the heads of them are under the close scrutiny of anyone who really cares about saving our nation.

Hillary has outright lied, misled, seemed unsympathetic to the plight of the Americans in Benghazi that night – Sept. 11, 2012. Many of her orders were probably instigated by higher ups in the administration, but in order to keep her face clean, she apparently felt she needed to “cover up” for the mistakes made by not protecting our men.

Many things don’t make sense to me at all. My parents were college educated, my mom a Republican from Wisconsin. My dad was a Democrat from Texas. There were no arguments in our household about which was the better party because Hoover had “wrecked” the economy and Roosevelt was “the man” who was going to bring the country back. And, he pretty much did get the economy going again.

In addition, we were thrown into two wars during his presidency. And, in the end, even though Roosevelt had died, we did win both wars because of his all-out effort to build our military, support the troops and place confidence in their leaders. This helped Truman do what he did and had to do.

In light of Benghazi, I do not believe Hillary has what it takes to do the job to keep our country safe.

She might be a good ambassador. She may be charming and persuasive. However, she is not honest, as we are finding out, and probably has not been honest about a lot of things since we first heard of her years ago. Check it out for yourself.

I'm a woman. I am not a “women’s libber,” though I do think it would take a very strong, very unemotional woman to do the job that will need to be done in 2016. If I were to choose a woman, it would be Condaleezza Rice.

I understand she has no thought of running for president, and that is too bad. I am not a racist. She is a woman of color. She is brilliant! She knows how to keep her cool, as shown by her withdrawal from Rutgers University graduation following the protesting of her position of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm not aware of other female would-be candidates at this time, though there may be some. We have had enough “change.” We need to get our economy going; we need to get behind our military; we need to help create jobs so people can get off welfare and gain some fulfillment in their lives because they earned it. Quite different from being handed everything.

It will soon be time for the primary elections. Please think about who is running, find out about them, and then vote.

If we are going to have “change,” then we need to “change” it back to family values, cut out all the excess paid to government employees and government projects, i.e., grants for everything from soup to nuts.

Cut out “favors” and flying around the world. Stay home and find out what’s happening here. Work from the inside out.

Let’s get back to “Buy American.” Most products made in foreign countries are inferior in quality anyway.

Do you see Hillary championing any of these things? For the life of me, I just can't quite figure out what she is all about. If anyone really knows, please tell me.

Winona Ranhosky is a resident of Chester.

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