Letters to the editor for June 12

June 11, 2014 

How to fix economy

I have a foolproof way to fix the U.S. economy overnight, and it will cost only $50 million. That is a bargain in today’s world.

There are just under 50 million Americans 50 or older. Approximately 35 million have jobs. What you do is give $1 million to each citizen over 50, tax free. To get the money they must do a couple of things.

They must retire immediately. This will free up over 30 million jobs, and the unemployment crisis is over! They must also buy a new vehicle, ending any auto crisis. Then they must either buy a home or pay off their mortgage, ending any housing problem we have. This money will be spent every day, traveling, shopping, home repairs, paying off debt, you name it. Every industry would benefit.

John P Lage Jr.


Policy will make things worse

Are you insane? President Obama’s bypass of Congress in order to foist his Faustian environmental fantasies on the American people is not only intellectually dishonest but unconstitutional as well.

The facts are quite simple. The cost of energy is inversely proportional to the standard of living, longevity and overall well being of the population. This has been proven throughout history, from wood burning as the only source of heat and energy to coal, oil, gas and electricity.

When you artificially raise the price of energy, in any form, regardless of the trumped-up reasons or esoteric goals you may have, you lower that standard of living and harm the population. The harm is disproportional to the income of the people, i.e., the poorest among us suffer the most from the increased costs.

The minuscule savings in imagined lives lost or asthma attacks from the policy quoted in your opinion will be far exceeded by the real costs of diminished life expectancy, poorer quality of life and lower standards of living, innovation and invention. The arguments over climate change may go well beyond our lifetimes, but the solutions are certainly not the political idealist claptrap we are hearing from this administration, liberal media or wacko environmentalists!

John McNamee


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