Suspect in Rock Hill produce store robbery arrested

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJune 12, 2014 

Steven Bigham

— The man accused of jumping over a counter and stealing a cash box from Dink's Produce Market in Rock Hill has been arrested, police said Thursday morning.

Steven Tyler Bigham, 18, has been charged with strong arm robbery. An arrest warrant accuses Bigham of wearing a mask, sunglasses and pair of latex gloves while he walked into the store Tuesday morning, jumped behind the counter and grabbed the cash box, stealing $700.

Once police left the South Heckle Boulevard store, owner Eugene Duncan told The Herald that he chased the suspect down a corridor and managed to grab him by his blue hoodie. The suspect swatted Duncan's hand away and took off towards the woods on Albright Road.

A judge Thursday morning gave Bigham a $10,000 bond.

Witnesses who were outside the store initially gave police an erroneous description of the suspect. Authorities reviewed surveillance video and took statements from people inside the store to establish a more accurate description.

A citizen who saw news coverage of the incident and noted details of the suspect's description called police, informing them that he picked Bigham up from near the store and dropped him off, said Mark Bollinger, Rock Hill Police spokesman. From there, police were able to track Bigham and recover the cash box.

The person who gave Bigham a ride was unaware of the robbery at the time, Bollinger said, and will not face any charges.

On Tuesday, Duncan and his wife, Kathy "Dink" Duncan, both said if the alleged thief needed help, all he had to do was ask and they would have offered it.

“We’re just an old country don’t have to rob us,” Kathy Duncan said of the thief. “If you had to feed your family, come to us...we would have helped you.”

“What you’ve done is stupid, but you should’ve come and asked for help,” Duncan said Tuesday of the suspect. “You ain’t got to steal.”

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