Voice of the people for June 26

June 26, 2014 

The stupidity persists

As the title of James Werrell’s column predicted last Friday, they are indeed coming out of the woodwork... and from under rocks and anywhere else that stupidity persists.

It is no wonder that those in the know always chuckle and then sigh with regret when discussing politics in the South. It seems the more we try to enlighten our fellow citizens, the more they push back with incredible ignorance.

Evolution is simply delayed in this region (no surprise there).

According to the 2014 Report Card on American Education conducted by the American Legislative Exchange Council, South Carolina’s national education ranking is 50th (no surprise there either).

Consider that this was the only state that elected Newt Gingrich in the Republican primary of 2012, (not that Romney was any better), but Gingrich was the former speaker of the House of Representatives who was essentially run out of Washington by his own party. Strange bedfellows indeed!

The more you investigate the facts, the more clear it becomes that the majority of Republicans have no idea what they are doing.

M.D. Taylor

Rock Hill

Other neocons prevail

I’d like to congratulate South Carolina’s “neocons” on their recent victory over their opposition. But you’d be mistaken if you think it is because of the outcome of the primary challenge put up against Lindsey Graham. I’m talking about South Carolina’s other “neocons,” as in “neo-Confederates,” whose staying power in this state eclipses that of any mortal figure.

Just a few months after valiantly leading the fight aimed at throwing academic freedom out of our state’s universities, state Sen. Larry Grooms, R-Berkeley, is now courageously leading the charge to keep the Confederate flag up on the campus of one of them. In case you haven’t heard, Charleston County Councilman Henry Darby, an African-American career professor, teacher and education administrator with multiple post-graduate degrees, recently sought to have the flag removed from a place of prominence at The Citadel.

Fortunately, Sen. Grooms’ judgment is not clouded by the life experience, educational background and historical perspectives that render Darby useless as a political leader in our state. Unlike Darby, Grooms understands that the Confederate flag has been used as a mere harmless symbol and that the culture and climate it represents should be celebrated in South Carolina – while books that allow gays and lesbians to be depicted as human beings should be banned.

And thanks to the “Heritage Act” passed by the General Assembly in 2000, the attorney general’s office has been able to issue an opinion protecting the Confederate flag as a “War Between the States” monument. As the late, great Ronald Reagan knew so well, the use of “War Between the States” shows sympathy to the Confederate position and motivations, while at the same time is the preferred terminology of those hostile to the civil rights movement and its objectives.

That’s why Reagan interjected it into his speeches while campaigning in the South. I still can’t figure out why he dropped “War Between the States” and used “Civil War” when speaking elsewhere or to a national audience, though.

Oh well, no sense in sitting around trying to think or read about it like some wimpy, liberal smarty-pants. Thankfully, those people, not the neo-Confederates, make up the true “Cult of the Lost Cause” in this state!

Barrett Maners

Rock Hill

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