No more lazy summer evening at Rock Hill’s Main Street Live

July 2, 2014 

After almost 20 years, downtown Rock Hill's popular summer concert series Main Street Live is no more.


Main Street Live, Rock Hill’s former series of concerts and other entertainment, gave local residents a monthly venue to enjoy lazy summer evenings with good music, beverages, food and other entertainment.

Organized annually by the Greater York County Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Live offered patrons a once-a-month festival on Rock Hill’s Main Street. Adults were treated to some of the area’s best bands while activities were organized for children.

But events sometimes run out of steam. Other entertainment options are created, or people’s habits change. Those factors, along with increasing costs, have teamed up to cancel Main Street Live this year. The spring-through-fall event is likely done for good.

Attendance had been declining since 2009, according to Chamber President Rob Youngblood and Colleen Coesens, who coordinated the event during the last three years for the chamber’s Rock Hill Area Council. In 2010, the city started charging for the services it provided to the event, which included setup, maintenance, cleanup, and police for security.

The city’s bill for the Aug. 3, 2013, event was $2,712.50.

Nobody blames the city for charging for its services. Indeed, we believe the city had to charge for them. But the dwindling attendance and higher costs caused Main Street Live to lose money. Organizers had no choice but to pull the plug.

It’s disappointing an event that brought hundreds of people to downtown each month has gone away. But it’s clear Main Street Live’s time had come.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make Main Street Live popular for so many years. It’s because of their efforts that the event lasted as long as it did.

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