Voice of the people for July 8

July 7, 2014 

Firing was bad for all

Regarding the editorial, “Firing Williamson was only feasible outcome”: It may very well have reached the stage where the firing of Jamie Comstock Williamson was deemed necessary but my question is why was it allowed to go that far without someone making an effort to work with President Williamson and get things corrected? Going from “the unanimous choice” less than a year ago to this point is sad for her, the university and the city of Rock Hill.

We are all losers.

Ksena Stone

Rock Hill

Where are the farmers?

Every week I see you let people know about the Rock Hill “Farmers Market” that is held Thursday evening and Saturday morning. I have not been to the one on Thursday, but I can tell you that Saturday morning’s is not what I would call a farmers market.

On a recent Saturday I was there about 9:15 a.m. and there was a lemonade stand, someone selling honey or jams, an entertainer on one side and craft people on the other side. The few times I went last year, there was some local produce but not much.

Years back when the market was in the parking lot by what is now Wells Fargo, there were four to five farmers set up during growing season. Not a huge number, but you could get local tomatoes and corn without a trip out to the country to an actual farm.

I wish the city would let farmers back in the parking lot and keep the other vendors where they are. In the meantime, can anyone tell me where to get York County grown tomatoes without going to a farm?

Cindy Rich

Rock Hill

Local lawyers offer help

I would like to commend the York County legal community for its time and volunteer efforts with the Law Related Education Division of the South Carolina Bar Association. Several of the local clerks of court have graciously let mock trial teams use their facilities for practices. Many local attorneys serve on the Law Related Education Committee and give many volunteer hours to serve as judges, coaches and guest speakers. York County should be especially proud that Judge John Hayes serves as a judge with the mock trial program.

Rock Hill attorney Stephen Cox is the outgoing chairman of the committee and Walter Dusky, also a Rock Hill attorney, is the newly elected chairman.

Many attorneys have done an outstanding job of serving the community and helping residents learn more about the law and citizenship. I am very thankful for these attorneys and judges, and believe that York County should be extremely proud!

Lynn Dickinson

Fort Mill

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