Voice of the people for July 16

July 16, 2014 

Money cause of border woes

Four years ago The Herald published a letter I wrote regarding illegal immigration. My tongue-in-cheek solution was to mine the southern border and place the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as border guards. In light of what is happening, that may have been the most humane course of action.

I loathe being a cynic in regard to children of any background or heritage, but I do not believe for one minute this crises is about children. It is about MONEY! Obama is following his mentor, Saul Alinski, and not letting a crisis go to waste. The Dems are using it to bash the House of Representatives and the Republicans, and the countries of origin, Mexico, the Coyotes and the drug cartels are all making money on the backs of these kids.

Take the money away and this will stop. Charge the countries of origin of these kids $1,000 a day for each kid we have allowed in and have not deported since 2008, and charge Mexico $500 a day for each of these kids and every illegal we catch from Mexico regardless of age. Use our financial institutions and seize assets if necessary, but stop making it financially beneficial for these governments to support child abuse.

John McNamee


Get rid of nepotism

For the life of me, I don’t understand why the actions of former Winthrop President Jamie Comstock Williamson giving her husband a job comes as such a big shock. This type of behavior has been around since Reconstruction, where family members and friends have gotten jobs because of associations rather than qualifications.

This type of behavior is what makes the South so bold in the work force, as you can go to many businesses and learn that the supervisor or plant manager was able to get high paying jobs for nephews, children, spouses, neighbors or the neighbors’ children. Not only do we pride ourselves in being a right-to-work state but also the right-to-hire-family-and-friends state. So, when I heard of the Winthrop president being fired, the first thing I thought was, “one out of thousands.”

I remember when General Tire was in operation and people would say, “Unless you know someone on the inside you can't get a job there.” What this means is that regardless of your qualifications or experience, if you didn't have a family member or friend on the inside, you weren’t getting the job. (Shaking my head). So here's what I propose: Let’s make the process fair across the market. Let’s make it discrimination for companies to save the well paying jobs for family members and friends.

Winthrop showed us that this behavior is unacceptable and wrong, and I say “ditto.”

C.T. Kirk

Rock Hill

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