<p>// // Include this entire block as a FreeHTML page on your Blogs Index section. // The section should have a visual type of FreeHTML. // This has to be entered by clicking on the "HTML" link in the editor's button bar and // cannot be added directly to the form. // When you update and save, you won't see anything in the FreeHTML editor window. //  // For each blog, you need one block of "indexedBlogs.addBlog()" // fill out each value accordlingly. // // Values are: // indexedBlogs.addBlog( // "Blog Name", // "URL to the actual blog", // "URL to a 70x70 graphic for the blog, must be located on, not", // "Blog's Author's Name/Byline" // "Description of the blog.  Try to keep it to a couple of short sentances.", // "");  // See:   // // // This is a file, typically located at and is named for the blog with a number after it. // blogname1.html is a 1 headline scrape of the blog.  blogname5.html is a 5 headline scrape. // this design calls for a 2 headline scrape.  You need to verify that blogname2.html exists, if not let customer // support know. //</p>