Midyear enrollees getting acclimated at Clemson

While most members of the Clemson football team’s 2016 recruiting class will begin their time on campus this summer, seven Tigers newcomers are already enrolled in classes and beginning preparations for their first college football season.

Live Updates: From the New Hampshire primary

New Hampshire hosts the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, featuring candidates for the Republican and Democratic nomination. Of the state’s 1.33 million residents, more than 870,000 residents are registered to vote.

Hidden art brings out the Monkeyshines in Tacoma

It’s 4 a.m. Monday in downtown Tacoma. Streetlights glow orange on empty streets. Stars glimmer overhead. While most people are asleep and waiting for alarm clocks to jar them from their dreams, a group of people lurks in the shadows, quietly hiding handmade treasures known as Monkeyshines.

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Government report: Drop in uninsured in 8 states

Eight states saw a significant drop last year in the number of residents going without health insurance, according to a government report out Tuesday that has implications for the presidential campaign.