Uncertainty reigns after talks end

03/11/2011 7:28 PM

03/11/2011 7:28 PM

For the next few hours, uncertainty rules.

The NFLPA has filed for decertification, and for an injunction against the NFL to prevent a lockout. The NFL hasn't decided, or announced a decision, as to whether they'd lock players out.

That means a lot of options are still on the table, and a lot of people here are wondering what's next.

Under one reading of the rules, free agency could begin at midnight. But no one's sure if that holds for players with six years of service or four.

It's a significant difference. If they operate under last year's rules, LB Thomas Davis would be the only significant one they could lose -- though he's said he intends to stay. That would also mean the team could potentially retain RB DeAngelo Williams and DE Charles Johnson with the restricted free agent tenders issued earlier this month.

But at the moment, there's more speculation than facts. 

One thing we do know is that without an NFLPA to regulate players, there's also no NFLPA to regulate agents. Some fear that could lead to widespread poaching of clients by others, though the possibility for lawsuits exists.

"It's not a can of worms, it's a can of snakes," one agent cracked about the potential Wild West atmosphere.

-- Darin Gantt

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