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March 15, 2011

Panthers enact electronic lockout

Let the log-out commence.

With the NFL lockout officially on, the Panthers have taken their first online steps toward taking the players out of the equation.

As of this afternoon, there are no players listed on the depth chart on the team website, and the player roster has disappeared from the front page.

If you had it bookmarked you can still see the names, but the link has been removed from the front page.

You can still click your way to see coaches and staff, but any easy  path to evidence of players has simply vanished.

They will, however, still sell you a jersey

At the team's online store, you can still buy a Steve Smith or a Jeremy Shockey or Jimmy Clausen.

Just don't bother looking for their bio or stats.

(Update 3:01 p.m.) The Panthers put the roster back online Tuesday afternoon. A team spokesman said it was taken down because of the "uncertainty" of the labor situation.


-- Darin Gantt



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