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March 28, 2011

Dodging bullets on a Monday morning

There's not much anyone can be sure of in the NFL right now.

But this one I'm pretty sure of.

Despite a throwaway line in a Minnesota column, the Panthers aren't interested in being the next installment in quarterback Brett Favre's reality show.

In a Sunday column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Charley Walters wrote a lot about Gophers business and Minnetonka High, and then threw in the following: 

"Don't discount the possibility of Brett Favre, who turns 42 in October, returning next season, but not with the Vikings. Maybe Carolina."

In a word (OK, three words), that's not happening. Ran it up the flagpole early this morning, and the response was swift and sure.

Maybe somewhere. But not here.

-- This would be bigger than VCU and Butler in the Final Four.

Results will be announced today for the first-round matchups in the bracket to decide the next cover boy for EA Sports' Madden '12.

Panthers LT Jordan Gross was the 15 seed against No. 2 Matt Ryan, the QB of the Atlanta Falcons.

Now, I'm not sure if being on the cover of Madden is anything anyone aspires to, but guessing Gross will be OK if he doesn't pull the upset.






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