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April 4, 2011

Twitter poll: Fans seem OK with Newton

Auburn QB Cam Newton has been a polarizing figure in the pre-draft process, more so than any player this year.

But an admittedly random and unscientific twitter poll shows that a solid majority of Panthers fans who are about to go to lunch seem comfortable with the idea of his going first overall.

For one hour (11 a.m.-noon), we took yes or no votes on twitter (@daringantt), and of the 154 replies, 90 of them were cool with the idea of Newton as the first pick (58.4 percent).

What does it mean? Who knows -- other than a lot of you would rather talk football than work.

For a guy who inspires some fairly vitriolic responses, I didn't expect a nearly 17-point swing in the polls.

Maybe it doesn't mean a thing. And maybe we'll do a Blaine Gabbert poll soon too, although honestly I'm not expecting as many responses on either side for that one.


-- Darin Gantt

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