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April 9, 2011

DeAngelo looking for a QB

Potential Panthers free agent RB DeAngelo Williams did an interview on a Miami radio station Saturday, and said one of the factors in his decision about the future will be the team's quarterback situation.

While Miami's Chad Henne has been criticized there, he's better than what the Panthers have been putting on the field lately. Both teams are likely looking for quarterbacks in the draft, though the Panthers have the chance to take Auburn's Cam Newton with the first pick.

Asked what he's looking for by the hosts of the Kup and Kelly show on WQAM, Williams sounded like a guy tired of running against eight or nine players in the box.

"I know they've had a lot of talk about the quarterback situation here in Miami, we've had a lot of talk about it in Charlotte too," Williams said. "It's all going to boil down to quarterbacks. in this league, the running game is predicated on whether you have a quarterback or not. If you don't have a quarterback, teams will stack the box and they force you to do what you do best. ...

"It's basically going to boil down to who has the better quarterback, or who's making the conscious effort to go out and find a quarterback or mold a quarterback they already have into a championship caliber quarterback."

Williams is in Miami to participate in the celebrity portion of the South Beach triathlon (he's riding 19 miles on a bike), which supports St. Jude's and cancer research.

The hosts asked Williams early in the interview about the prospect of signing with the Dolphins, and he laughed and said "I heard rumors I may be on top of their board this year."

Granted, Williams won't be a free agent until there's a new CBA. The Panthers put a restricted free agent tender on him in case the league operates under last year's work rules.

Panthers general manager Marty Hurney has said consistently that he wants to retain all the team's key free agents, including Williams.


-- Darin Gantt



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