Can a 74-year-old yogi with an aneurysm stand on her head?

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The room was buzzing with doctors, an ultrasound technologist and a yoga instructor. The two cardiologists were huddled in the center checking the heart rate and blood pressure. And there, against the wall near the door, the patient, Sally Mertens quietly stood on her head.


On Gardening: The angel's trumpets are heralding across the South

The trumpets are sounding, well not really but it sure looks like it all across the south. I'm talking angel's trumpets known botanically as Brugmansia. No matter what the color, white, pink, yellow, apricot, or a shade of red the sight of these flowers hanging downward just seems to capture the imagination.

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The best kitchen tools, according to the pros

For the foodie, rows of gleaming electric meat smokers, mandolin slicers and sous vide machines call out like a siren song, but many kitchen gadgets that promise to make food prep easier or deliver restaurant-quality results end up in the back of the kitchen drawer.

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Give kayaking a try this fall

When fall hits are you ever bored and looking for something to do outside? If you are, maybe kayaking is the solution for you. Summer is over, but kayaking is an outdoor activity you still can do in the fall and have just as much fun.

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With his own busy hands

LOS ANGELES - "The Realtors wanted to hire me to fix up the house before they put it on the market," explains O'Neill, 36. "I told them, 'How about I buy it as is?'"


Parents @ Play: Games for one

Our mission here at Parents@Play is to bring you toys and games that parents and kids will enjoy doing together. But all of us need some me-time now and then. So what do you do when you're home alone and want a fun way to unwind, or when you're in the car and your child wants to play? Well, here are four engaging, entertaining, and mind-stretching games for solo players. Oh, and none of them are electronic in any way.

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Tips: 3 features you need to know about iOS 10

The latest operating system for Apple's smartphone lineup is here, which means it is time to take a look at some hidden tips and features you might now know about. We've lined up three of our favorites, and some of the most useful we've come across.


IRS issues warning over new email scam

The Internal Revenue Service has been getting reports from across the country of a new scam in which individuals have been receiving fake tax forms by email that indicate they underreported their income as related to Affordable Care Act coverage in 2014.


Colleges’ assessments of scholarships can set back students in need

But many colleges factor scholarships into the overall equation and reduce the amount of financial aid a student is eligible for – dollar for dollar – leaving the student no better off. The practice is known as “award displacement.” It occurs when one form of financial aid, such as a private scholarship, leads to a reduction of other forms of financial aid.


Listeria is rare but dangerous

Listeria is a bacteria that can cause food-borne illness, known as listeriosis. The bacteria can grow in foods such as uncooked meats and vegetables soft, cheeses, and unpasteurized milk. Doctor Steven Gordon of Cleveland Clinic says that although listeria isn't very common, it can be very dangerous.
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Listeria is rare but dangerous 0:33

Listeria is rare but dangerous

Woman parts with beloved dog because both are blind, dog is deaf 3:02

Woman parts with beloved dog because both are blind, dog is deaf

Rafters enjoy the rapids on the French Broad River 1:46

Rafters enjoy the rapids on the French Broad River

Are your kids getting enough sleep? 1:06

Are your kids getting enough sleep?