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Movie review: Hit-and-miss 'Bad Moms' tries to offer Mila Kunis and Co. a good night out

It's a peculiar bit of Hollywood logic, having the two guys who wrote "The Hangover" write and direct a movie called "Bad Moms." As if by some transitive property of film comedy, their having written a smash hit of men being oblivious, immature and reckless somehow makes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore the ideal candidates to explore the difficulties modern mothers face to balance conflicting responsibilities with the need to remain individualized people too.

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Interview: Jenna Ortega adds voicing Disney's Princess Isabel to her repertoire

When we first found out that we were meeting Jenna Ortega, we were so excited. She has to be one of the hardest working actresses around! She is working on four shows right now and we think that is unbelievable: Disney Channel's "Stuck in the Middle," The CW's "Jane the Virgin," Disney's new animated series, "Elena of Avalor" and Radio City Music Hall's "New York Spectacular at Radio City."


Parents @ Play: Games for big kids

One of our biggest challenges here at Parents@Play is to find games that tweens and teens will not only be willing to play with their family, but that they'll actually want to play (and that don't involve cell phones or anything else with a screen). Here are four that we're confident will soon be on your family's list of game-night hits.

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Young reporters cover political conventions

To help kids understand the Democratic National Convention, 12-year-old reporter, Olivia Branan, of La Mesa, California, will be covering the Philadelphia convention and filing daily reports for Time For Kids at

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Movie review: 'Bad Moms' is a shoddy mess that rings hollow

There's a scene halfway through "Bad Moms," wherein a PTA meeting full of suburban moms turns into a full-on frat house-style rager. Moms in sweater sets, khakis and sensible sneakers chug liquor straight from the bottle, make out, huff whippets, crash tricycles and urinate on lawns, all in glorious slow motion, hair and spittle flying to a pulsing pop beat. It's featured heavily in the trailer for the film, and is the best scene in the movie. Bad mothers? Shut your mouth.

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Teens learn skills of brotherhood through Hands of Peace program

WINNETKA, Ill. - Elder Lane Park was hot and muggy on July 21, the heat lessened slightly by a breeze from Lake Michigan. But the Israeli, Palestinian and American teens who had just finished chowing down on hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon didn't let that faze them as they started a softball game, the first many had ever played.


People dress like cows for free chicken at Rock Hill Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A in Rock Hill is celebrating Cow Appreciation Day Tuesday, where patrons can dress like a cow to get a free chicken sandwich, salad, wrap and other items. At the Dave Lyle Blvd. location, customers packed the restaurant wearing full cow costumes, black-and-white shirts, headbands and masks. The event runs until 7 p.m.
Tracy Kimball
People dress like cows for free chicken at Rock Hill Chick-fil-A 0:51

People dress like cows for free chicken at Rock Hill Chick-fil-A

HIV and AIDS: The push to stop the virus 3:07

HIV and AIDS: The push to stop the virus

Keep your eyes on fireworks safety 1:00

Keep your eyes on fireworks safety

During filibuster, senator tells son to 1:33

During filibuster, senator tells son to "go to bed"