Parents @ Play: Strike a pose, and get ready to sweat

We all know how great exercise is for us - it's been shown to have positive effects in almost every area of our life, whether that's reducing disease risks, combatting depression or just improving overall well-being. But exercising together as a family has some additional benefits. Of course, there's the bonding part. But besides that, family exercise provides some built-in motivation and encouragement and can add an element of (hopefully) friendly competition. If you and/or your family are relatively new to exercise, here are a few ways to help you take those first steps towards lifelong fitness. But please, before you start any kind of exercise routine - especially if you haven't worked out in a while - check with your health-care provider to make sure it's appropriate for you and your unique circumstances.


A dog named Blue eases sadness over loss of loved ones in landslide

SEATTLE - After Brandy, his wife of 37 years, was killed in the Oso landslide on March 22, 2014, in a rural community north of Seattle, one of the very few bright spots for Tim Ward was the reunion with his dog, Blue. A series of events Seattle and elsewhere recently marked the one-year anniversary of mudslide.

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