Ex-etiquette: Dad balks at daughter's request that stepdad also walk her down the aisle

Q. Although my parents divorced when I was very young and I lived mostly with my mom, I've always been very close to my dad. My mom remarried when I was seven, and I am also very close to my bonusdad. I'm getting married in three months and would like them both to walk me down the aisle, but my dad says, "Over his dead body!" I don't know what to do. What's good ex-etiquette?


Ana Veciana-Suarez: First Lady's advice to girls rings true for former self

With our collective attention riveted on Pope Francis' visit to the U.S., the Russian airstrikes in Syria and the horrible mass shooting at an Oregon college campus, you might've missed the news clip showing Michelle Obama talking to a theater full of high school girls about education. It's worth checking out for both its message and its honesty.

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