March 11, 2014

Rinehart Realty gets new look, sets core values

Rinehart Realty of Rock Hill officially launched its rebranding campaign Tuesday, unveiling new yard and office signs.

Rinehart Realty of Rock Hill officially launched its rebranding campaign Tuesday, unveiling new yard and office signs.

Gone is the logo with slanted letters with the tail of the “R” underlining the words Rinehart and Realty.

The new logo has simple, straight-up-and-down typography with the emphasis on Rinehart, the name most people use when referring to the real estate company.

A color-coded scheme differentiates four companies under the Rinehart banner – green for the real estate division, red for property management, which oversees 900 properties, blue for commercial property sales and tan for the law firm.

The changes represent more than a year of self-examination. Rinehart Realty is in its 38th year. J.D. “Jay” Rinehart Jr., the second generation of his family to lead the real estate company, wanted to make sure it was relevant for another 38 years.

The changes are more than cosmetic. Rinehart Realty has officially adopted a set of core values.

The values have been passed from father – John Rinehart who founded the company – to son to son, but until recently never written down. Jay Rinehart’s wife, Dee Dee, wrote them down and put the list on the family’s refrigerator.

When Jay Rinehart set out to develop a list of core values for his company, he took the list off the refrigerator.

“These are what I teach my kids, what I grew up with,” he said.

Rinehart’s Realty’s core values, in order of importance, are faith, family, friends, fitness and finance.

The faith values do not list a specific deity but acknowledge faith is “who we are accountable to,” Jay Rinehart said. “It’s also about how we make decisions,” he said.

Family is important not only because that the real estate’s company primary market, but, “they are our support systems, he said.

Friends have a substantial impact, Jay Rinehart continued. Friends with a “big F” will tell you when you are right or wrong while friends with a “small f” will laugh with you, have fun with you, he said.

The values emphasize physical, spiritual and mental fitness.

The focus of the financial value “is living within one’s means,” Jay Rinehart said, noting the volatility of the real estate market for the broker, seller and buyer. The financial value is also supported by the company’s commitment to “invest together.” Jay Rinehart said the company, “invests in what we sell, real estate.”

The value of the changes for buyers is agents asking more questions, not just listening to a preferred price range or neighborhood. “We are asking, ‘Why that price range? Why that area?” Rinehart said. “We are asking the questions you don’t know you need to ask.”

The value for sellers is more exposure for their property, Rinehart said. The company is a member of the multiple listing services for the Piedmont Regional Association of Realtors which covers Chester, Lancaster and York counties as well as part of Charlotte and the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association.

“We are bullish on York County, but we are also bullish on south Charlotte, Jay Rinehart said.

Rinehart Realty also lists all properties on, he said.

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