November 26, 2008


Names omitted, misspelled

The Eta Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority presented its 2008 debutantes at Boyd Hill Baptist Church. Among the debutantes were Chalon Gabrielle Jefferies, daughter of Dana T. and Alvina Jefferies and Kimberly Lynnette Gray, daughter of Kim and Clara Feely Gray. In an article in Sunday's paper, Jefferies' parents' names were omitted, and the last name of Gray's parents was misspelled.

Statehouse security

In Wednesday's Herald, The Associated Press reported the state Budget and Control Board runs a new security system at the Statehouse. The story should have specified that the board oversees Statehouse parking lots, buildings and grounds, and in that capacity, manages a contract for a security system that is operated by the Department of Public Safety's Bureau of Protective Services.

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