Key figures weigh in on Knowledge Park plan

03/03/2014 9:40 PM

03/04/2014 7:06 AM

Here's a look at what Rock Hill community leaders say about Knowledge Park:

“It’s an exciting time for us. Winthrop couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating and working with the city on this project.”

Jamie Comstock, Winthrop University president

“In many ways, I think what we do on the public sector side is help set the table so the private sector can step forward.”

Doug Echols, Rock Hill mayor

“We’re talking about three things here – urban life, community and this notion of technology.”

Tim Elliott, Sora-Phelps developer

“The ability for (Sora-Phelps) to be able to access capital was at the forefront of our mind, and they proved to us that’s not going to be a concern.”

Andy Shene, chairman of Knowledge Park Leadership Group

“It’s important to have the local presence. We know this town, we’ve invested in this town, we care about this town.”

Gary Williams, CEO of Williams & Fudge

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