Fort Mill craft beer start-up to open brewery, restaurant at Rock Hill’s Riverwalk

08/15/2014 3:54 PM

08/15/2014 7:33 PM

Rock Hill will be home to York County’s first commercial craft brewery.

Legal Remedy Brewing, now on sale in Fort Mill, will build an 8,000-square-foot restaurant and brewery in Rock Hill’s Riverwalk development.

Bill Neurohr of Legal Remedy Brewing sent The Herald details about the new business and its recent launch into the craft beer scene. The company obtained its federal and state licenses necessary for brewing beer earlier this year.

Legal Remedy – with its tagline “Justice never tasted so good” – debuted its first two beers at Baxter Village’s Fish Market Bar and Grill on Friday during a special launch event.

Early next year, Legal Remedy will expand into Rock Hill. Construction on the custom-built facility in Riverwalk will start soon.

Legal Remedy expects to operate a 17-barrel brewing system and open with a tasting area and full-service restaurant.

The brewing operation got its start in 2009 when a group of friends in Fort Mill aimed to turn their passion for great beer into a potential business, according to the news release from Neurohr. Since then, the hobby has blossomed.

In 2012, Legal Remedy entered its first beer creation into Fort Mill’s “Beertopia” festival, hosted by the Grapevine, a wine and craft beer bar in Baxter Village. Dave Sills, Grapevine owner, told The Herald in April that he plans to open a location at Riverwalk.

He and others in Rock Hill say the city is ready to support a local microbrewery.

The brewing buddies’ “Privileged Porter” beer won first place in the home-brew category at Beertopia. The porter is a high-gravity (high alcoholic content) beer fermented with bourbon barrels. Legal Remedy markets the beer as “exempt from the ordinary.”

This week, the brewing company unveils the “Alibi Ale” and the “Sequestered Saison.” The Alibi Ale carries the phrase, “it’s always good to have one.” The Saison’s tagline is “entirely un-tampered with.”

In the statement, Legal Remedy founder Chad McGowan said he’s excited to expand to Riverwalk and “especially proud to offer a unique experience right here in South Carolina.” The brewery and restaurant will be the first microbrewery in York County.

Legal Remedy’s brewery and restaurant might help jump-start commercial development at Riverwalk, where residential and recreational projects have taken place. The city of Rock Hill has invested nearly $50 million at Riverwalk, including millions spent on building competitive cycling venues.

Private developer Dave Williamson of the Assured Group is behind Riverwalk and is building apartments there. Officials have said, at build-out, the development will represent about $600 million of investment by the city and private businesses.

McGowan’s Legal Remedy Brewing will be a part of that, offering “a remarkable experience that people will want to repeat,” he said.

“Our beers are exclusively hand-crafted, high-quality selections,” McGowan said, adding that the restaurant will serve farm-to-table, organic food.

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