Report: Rock Hill man accused of kidnapping his wife had gun, knife in car

03/04/2014 11:35 AM

03/04/2014 5:06 PM

A Rock Hill man whose wife told police that he ambushed her in their apartment, threatened her with a hammer, forced her into a car at gunpoint and then drove her to the hospital last month was arrested Monday after officers found a gun, knife and box cutter inside his car, police said.

But, the man's wife disputes what police have reported, claiming that her husband never kidnapped or assaulted her. Instead, she said they were involved in an argument and she believes she suffered injuries while moving stuff around their home.

Police on Feb. 19 spoke with a woman, 29, who reported that a day earlier, her husband, Joshua Ginard Feaster, “lay in wait” for her in their apartment, ambushing her from behind as she walked down the hallway toward the bedroom, according to a Rock Hill police report. Feaster pushed his wife onto the bed, threatening her with a hammer before he grabbed a handgun and forced her at gunpoint into her orange 2005 Mazda.

He drove along S.C. 901, several miles away from where they live at Mallard Pointe Apartments on Eden Terrace, the report states. The woman told police Feaster threatened to harm her several times as he drove her to Piedmont Medical Center, where she received treatment for a cut lip, injured hand and bruising on her upper left arm.

Police reported that the apartment was in complete disarray, with clothing, furniture and other decor strewn throughout the area, the report states. The front door had been forced open, the report states, and the bedroom was ransacked. The woman told police that she and Feaster lived together and have children.

Feaster's wife contacted The Herald on Tuesday, saying the situation has been blown out of proportion. Her husband never assaulted or kidnapped her. He had a hammer, but did not threaten her with it, she said. The only reason the police were called, she said, is because a neighbor was concerned. They drove around Rock Hill as they discussed their dispute, and she went to Piedmont Medical Center because she has a high-risk pregnancy.

On Monday, police found Feaster at the apartment and arrested him, police documents show. An officer searched his car, finding a small bag of marijuana, along with a black gun, a knife and box cutter on the floorboard. His wife says he only had a gun and switchblade in the car, but no drugs. Feaster is charged with kidnapping, criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

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