Deputies: Man, woman attacked Rock Hill man’s car with machete, hatchet

04/28/2014 4:29 PM

04/28/2014 4:31 PM

A Rock Hill man told deputies two people ambushed him on Saturday, jumping from behind bushes and trees armed with a hatchet and machete as they attacked his car and tried stabbing him, according to authorities.

Deputies were sent to a Pettit Road home in Catawba at about 10:30 p.m. when the victim called to report that two people attacked his car with hatchets, machetes and axes, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. The victim, 41, told deputies his ex-girlfriend, Rondela Myers, called asking him to come over and pick her up so they could talk.

When he arrived at the edge of her Catawba home, Myers “emerged” from behind a large tree, a hatchet in hand, the report states. Tony Catoe, the homeowner, then came out from behind bushes, wielding a machete.

Both Myers, 35, and Catoe, 41, began attacking the car, a 2000 Honda Passport, deputies reported. They broke three car windows and scratched the paint. Catoe allegedly broke the driver’s side window with the machete and began “jabbing” it inside the car attempting to stab the victim. The victim sped forward, turned around in the yard and yelled that he had a gun and would use it.

Catoe’s son told deputies he heard the commotion outside and saw Catoe and Myers speaking with the victim, the report states. He said the victim drove forward as if he were going to hit him. Myers told deputies there was only a machete during the incident, but the weapon got stuck in the car before it eventually fell off along Pettit Road. She admitted to attacking the car with the machete because she was upset, and claims the victim tried hitting Catoe’s son with the car. Catoe told deputies he did not have a weapon, but he did throw a rock at the man’s car when the victim tried running over his son.

Deputies found the machete and arrested Catoe and Myers, charging them both with malicious injury to real property, criminal conspiracy and malicious injury to personal property. Catoe was also charged with second-degree assault and battery, and Myers with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

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