Clover mob assault sends four to the hospital

04/29/2014 8:58 PM

05/01/2014 7:34 AM

Six people armed with shovels, “razor rings” and a gun launched a brutal mob assault on a Clover mother, her two daughters and three others last weekend, deputies say, sending four of the victims to the hospital.

Vicki Cash, the mother who said she watched helplessly as assailants pummeled her daughters and their boyfriends, says she’s traumatized and seeking justice, urging police and prosecutors to aggressively charge the people who ambushed her family once they are caught.

“I want them to take it seriously,” Cash told The Herald on Tuesday. “They came over here with intent and weapons to badly, badly injure us...if not kill us.”

As of Tuesday, no charges had been filed.

At about 10 a.m. Sunday, deputies went to an Aquarius Drive home, several streets away from Filbert Highway, to investigate a report of an assault, according to a York County sheriff’s report. They found several victims, some suffering from cuts to their foreheads, eyelids and ears.

Cash, 49, suffered a gash to her forehead that she told The Herald was 3 inches wide and required 10 stitches to close.

She said she had been sitting in her nightgown, drinking coffee, when there was a knock at the door. Strangers asked to speak with one of her daughter’s boyfriends. When the boyfriend, 23, went to the door, one of the assailants grabbed him, dragged him down the steps and began beating and stomping on him, the report states.

Cash’s younger daughter, 18, told deputies she went outside, where a woman hit her with “something in her hand” that cut her, the report states. Cash said the suspects wore “razor rings” – sharp, ringed ornaments with protruding blades. She said she grabbed the woman who was attacking her daughter around the neck.

The woman escaped Cash’s grip, she said, and spun her around, sending her rolling downstairs. The woman had a knife with an “arrowhead-shaped razor sticking out of it,” Cash said, which she used to punch Cash in the forehead.

Cash’s older daughter, 19, then ran outside and jumped on her mother’s attacker, deputies said. Two women grabbed the daughter and slammed her head into concrete.

A fifth victim, 23, told deputies he was hit in the head with a shovel, while a sixth victim, 28, told deputies he had tried to stop the scuffle. A man pointed a gun at him and warned: “Don’t even try it.” The suspects also used metal pipes to inflict at least $500 worth of dents and scratches on two cars in the driveway, deputies reported.

Paramedics took Cash, her older daughter and two of the male victims to Piedmont Medical Center for treatment, the report states. They were released the same day.

Cash’s physical wounds are healing. The emotional ones are not.

“Getting your head split open...watching your children get beaten,” she said, was “absolutely horrific.”

Cash said she suspects the attackers knew her daughters and their boyfriends would likely be asleep because they had all been drinking the night before.

“They came over here to attack us as a mob,” she said. “We were ambushed.”

Cash and her family suspect revenge sparked the assault. Cash’s younger daughter told deputies that on Saturday night, she punched a man in the face when he inappropriately touched her friend, the police report states. A victim in the Sunday assault identified two attackers as that man’s relatives.

“You just can’t do that to people and just get a slap on the hand,” Cash said, adding that she does not understand why deputies have not made any arrests.

Sheriff’s spokesman Trent Faris said Tuesday that deputies were still investigating and looking for suspects.

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