Mother of York assault victim: #SmackCam game is bullying

05/07/2014 1:59 PM

05/08/2014 6:31 AM

The mother of a York Middle School student is outraged after her child was the victim of a “game” being played by young people across the country.

It’s called “SmackCam,” or sometimes “SlapCap,” and the concept is simple. One person smacks another person, sometimes with an object or with a liquid on his or her hand, and takes a video to post on Vine, YouTube or another social media site with the hashtag #SmackCam or #SlapCam.

But SmackCam is not a game, said the mother of a 12-year-old girl who was on the receiving end of a slap.

“It’s bullying,” she said. “The kids that do it are bullies.”

Last Friday, the girl was in a class at York Middle when a male student, also 12, slapped her, “causing a busted lip,” according to a York police report.

The male student told the school resource officer that “he was playing around and did not mean to hurt her.” He said he got the idea from the YouTube SmackCam videos he had seen. The incident was not recorded on video, according to the girl’s mother and the police report.

The girl’s mother said she is pressing charges so other students will see that this is a serious offense.

“Kids need to know that,” she said. “You’re messing with someone else’s personal space and hurting them, and that’s not acceptable to me as a parent.”

She said she was also upset because the slapping “game” had apparently been going on at York Middle for several days but parents were not notified.

Her daughter, who has braces, is recovering from her injuries, physically, but is still dealing with her “emotional” injuries from the incident.

The male student was charged with assault and battery.

York School District Superintendent Vernon Prosser said the school followed its disciplinary code, as it always does in incidents involving student conduct.

“(The SmackCam game) is something we’re not going to put up with,” he said.

In today’s world of ever-changing technology and social media, Prosser said the school district does its best to keep up with what “fads” students may be copying.

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