Report: 2 teen workers banned from Carowinds after stealing from park

05/13/2014 4:40 PM

05/13/2014 4:41 PM

Two teenage employees have been banned from Carowinds after deputies say they stole hundreds of dollars from the amusement park, stuffing the cash in their shoes and spending it on clothes.

Deputies on Saturday met with Carowinds security officers who learned that Charles Grandison of Charlotte and Catawba’s Donta Johnson, both 17, allegedly stole money from the registers while working at a park kiosk, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. The two suspects, the security officers claim, would keep customers’ receipts after they made a purchase. They would then void out the receipt’s amount to make it look as if the order had been canceled out and keep the money to themselves, the report states.

Johnson voided $255 on Saturday, but never took it from the register, the report states. Johnson told deputies that he planned to take the $255, but did not have the chance. He admitted that he took money from the register in the past. He once took $200 and then later took $80 on a separate day, the report states. He used the money, he told deputies, to buy clothes and other personal items.

Grandison told deputies he had $484 in his shoes and he took $100 sometime within the past three months, the report states. He told deputies he used the money to buy personal items. Security found the money in Grandison’s shoe.

Both Grandison and Johnson were charged with breach of trust and issued lifetime trespass notices from Carowinds.

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