Police: Rock Hill woman accused of stalking woman, pelting her with bananas

05/21/2014 11:38 AM

05/21/2014 11:39 AM

A Rock Hill woman who told police she planned to meet her child’s father for a “money exchange” was arrested Tuesday after police say she followed the man and his girlfriend, allegedly tried running them off the road and threw bananas at the girlfriend while calling her a “monkey” inside a gas station.

The suspect then had to be placed in a restraint chair when she fought against officers and tried hitting her head on “any hard surface available,” police said.

Police at about 10:50 p.m. were sent to the QuikTrip gas station on North Anderson Road after a woman, 23, reported that she was being followed by Shakarda Rachell Johnson, 20, of Rock Hill. Once police arrived, Johnson, driving a green Sedan, pulled away, prompting officers to chase her until she came to a sudden stop on Mount Gallant Road.

Johnson told police she was leaving after receiving a debit card from a passenger in the victim’s car, the report states. She told police the victim began arguing with her. When the victim went into the store, Johnson told police she chased her, throwing bananas at the victim while calling her a “monkey.” The victim told police a different story, saying Johnson followed her and her boyfriend in her car. When they tried eluding her, Johnson attempted running them off the road, the report states. The victim pulled into QT for help, but Johnson used her car to block the victim’s in a parking spot. Johnson then got out her car and began pounding on the victim’s car, the report states.

The victim locked her doors, while her boyfriend went outside and restrained Johnson long enough for the victim to run inside the store, the report states. Johnson managed to escape the boyfriend’s grasp, the report states, ran in the store and began throwing shelf items at the victim while shouting profanities. Two store clerks corroborated the victim’s version of events.

Johnson denied following the victim and the boyfriend, claiming that the woman’s boyfriend is the father of her child and they were meeting so he could surrender his debit card and cash for their child. Police arrested Johnson, charging her with stalking. On the way to jail, Johnson banged her head against the patrol car’s cage that separates officers from suspects. Police restrained Johnson, but she kept trying to bang her head. At the jail, she tried pulling away from police, the report states, and tried hitting her head on “any hard surface available.” Police placed Johnson in a restraint chair for her own safety.

By Wednesday morning, she was held at the Rock Hill jail awaiting an afternoon bond hearing.

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