May 28, 2014

Employee, customer arrested after fight at Rock Hill nail salon

A customer and an employee were arrested for fighting Friday afternoon at a Rock Hill nail salon.

A customer and an employee were arrested following a fight at a Rock Hill nail salon.

An officer was sent to K-Nails Salon on Heckle Boulevard on Friday to see Trong Duc Nguyen, 21, an employee at the salon, and Melissa Jennings, 29, a customer.

Jennings became upset when Nguyen was “doing her toenails ... because he was not doing what she wanted him to do,” according to the police report. Nguyen told the officer Jennings kicked him in the chest then started cussing him out before Jennings pushed him onto the ground and began fighting him on the floor.

Jennings told the officer Nguyen cursed at her and then hit her in the face before they began fighting on the ground.

Other customers at the store pulled Nguyen and Jennings apart. No witnesses were able to say who had started the fight.

Both were charged with disorderly conduct. A mugshot for Nguyen was not available.

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