Suspect says Clover fight details exaggerated

06/06/2014 11:16 PM

06/06/2014 11:17 PM

A North Carolina husband and wife are the latest suspects to be arrested in an alleged April assault on a Clover mother and her daughters, but one of the six people charged claims details about the fight have been exaggerated and feels the victims should also face penalties for their role in what sparked the incident.

Jonathan Edward Harvey, 36, and Dana Harvey, 31, of Gastonia, N.C., were charged last month with five counts of third-degree assault and battery by a mob and one count of criminal conspiracy each, according to court records. After their arrests, they were released from jail on bond.

The charges stem from an assault reported at Vicki Cash’s Aquarius Road home in Clover April 27 when several suspects allegedly arrived at the house and ambushed the people inside, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. Cash told The Herald that she and her family were assaulted with fists, shovels and razor rings. Deputies say one of the suspects carried a gun to the scuffle and held some victims at bay when they tried to intervene.

Pamela Rose, a 34-year-old Clover mother of three also facing assault and battery by a mob charges, said she did not go to the house looking for a fight, but to find out why her teenage son was apparently beaten by Cash’s daughter’s boyfriends. She said no one involved had a razor ring and none of the suspects carried shovels.

“We did not have a weapon,” she said. “We didn’t go expecting to fight ... I don’t even know what a razor ring is.”

On April 27, she said she called Jonathan Harvey, her ex-husband, so they could confront the people involved in assaulting her son a night earlier. Rose said two of Cash’s daughter’s boyfriends beat her teenage son, resulting in injuries to his chest and face. His eyes, she said, were “plum red with blood.”

The victims told deputies that one of Cash’s daughters punched Rose’s teenage son because he allegedly inappropriately touched her friend a day earlier, the police report states. Cash said she suspects she, her daughters and their boyfriends were assaulted out of retaliation.

When she and the Harveys arrived at the house April 27, Rose said she found her son’s aunt, Ginger Talford, already waiting there with her husband. Jonathan Harvey began fighting with one of the adult men she claims attacked her son.

“Next thing you know, there were three girls with shovels,” she said. “About 20 of them piled out of that house. I don’t see why they had so many people in a double-wide trailer.”

Cash told The Herald that while trying to defend her daughter, Ginger Talford allegedly knocked her to the ground and hit her across the face with a razor ring that left a gash on her forehead. Rose does not recall Talford sporting a razor ring, but does know that the woman “took a lick in the face and a hit in the back” with a shovel. Talford, Rose said, apparently begged not to be involved in a fight because she had recently undergone brain surgery.

Rose is upset deputies have not investigated her own son’s assault. She says deputies have not listened to her side of what happened. Sheriff’s office spokesman Trent Faris said Rose nor other relatives filed a report about other assault allegations, saying, “If they will file a report, we will investigate it.”

Rose also told deputies that she blacked out during the assault for 10 minutes “and didn’t know what exactly happened,” Faris said. “Her statement would have been hearsay. Detectives needed the facts from actual witnesses.”

Faris said it’s unlikely more charges would be filed in connection with assault unless “any more information that comes forth ... has any validity.”

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