Deputies: Fort Mill mom says son, 12, deserved to be hit in head with door

07/18/2014 6:56 AM

07/19/2014 6:56 AM

A Fort Mill mother who told deputies she needs help parenting her children was arrested Thursday after authorities say she hit her 12-year-old son in the head with a door.

The “highly intoxicated” woman, 34, called deputies to her Vista Road home at about 1 a.m., reporting that she needs help parenting, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. The woman told police she was “sick and tired” of her children telling her to shut up and calling her names.

Her two sons, 12 and 14, told deputies the only reason they call her those names is out of retaliation when she uses derogatory language toward them, the report states. The three began arguing again before the younger boy told deputies his mother hit him in the head with a door. He also claimed he captured the incident on video.

Deputies watched the video, the report states, and saw the boy leave a room and the door hitting him hard enough for him to fall. The boy suffered from a large red knot on his forehead. The mother told deputies she did not hit the boy on purpose, but added that he “deserved it” because he was talking back. The boy told deputies he did not feel safe with his mother, stressing that she gets drunk often and hurts his feelings with her words.

Deputies arrested the mother, charging her with third-degree assault and battery. The boys were sent to their uncle’s home, while deputies contacted the York County office of the Department of Social Services.

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