August 7, 2014

Ex-Rock Hill mayoral candidate jailed for failure to pay traffic fine

Glennie Smith, 55, is the second former mayoral candidate to be jailed in a year.

A former candidate for Rock Hill mayor was jailed for two days after allegedly failing to pay a $330 fine from a speeding ticket.

The fine came after Glennie Smith, 55, never showed up for her trial on the ticket in the first place, records show.

Smith, who tallied just 88 votes while finishing last in the 2005 mayoral race, was arrested Tuesday on a bench warrant after failing repeatedly to pay the fine from a March 2012 traffic stop, according to police and court records. Smith was convicted in her absence at an April 2012 trial and fined. However, she didn’t pay the fine despite being given repeated chances to pay, police said.

Smith, whose listed address is Hagins Street, Rock Hill, was given several chances by judges in the past two years to pay the fine but never complied, so a bench warrant was issued.

Officers knew Smith and picked her up Tuesday, said Mark Bollinger, a Rock Hill Police Department spokesman. Smith uses a walker with a basket carrying her oxygen tank and often would walk right past the police department.

“The court was lenient with her to give her a chance to pay the fine in full but she never did,” Bollinger said.

Smith owed about $200 of the total fine, Bollinger said.

She faced up to 30 days in the York County jail but was released Thursday after someone posted the bond that pays the fine, according to jail officials.

When Smith ran for mayor in 2005, she described herself as a manager at the Red Coach motel in downtown Rock Hill. The motel was a transient residence that was later torn down after being determined to be a public nuisance and eyesore after repeated problems with fights, drugs and prostitution. In the mayoral race, Smith received 2 percent of the vote.

Smith is the second former Rock Hill mayoral candidate in the past year to be jailed. Last year, former candidate Baxter Tisdale – who also came in last when running in 2001 – pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges in Florida from a 1980s case and is serving a 9-year sentence.

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