August 13, 2014

Western York Co. man arrested after fight involving shotgun, shovel

Police: A man was arrested after firing a gun and hitting another man with a shovel.

A Smyrna man is in custody at the York County Detention Center following a fight involving a shovel and a shotgun.

Franklin Lucas, III was arrested at a home on Ebenezer Road in Smyrna around 9:15 p.m. Monday. When officers from the York County Sheriff’s Office arrived, they found Lucas “grossly intoxicated,” according to an incident report.

Other people at the home told officers a fight broke out between two other people. When a third person tried to break up the fight, Lucas hit him with a shovel. The third person took the shovel from Lucas and started hitting him back, the report states.

Lucas then went in the house and brought out a shotgun and fired it two or three times. Lucas's father told officers he came outside the house when he heard the shots fired, saw his son with the gun and took it away from him.

When speaking with officers, Lucas denied using the shotgun, but had a bloody finger and there was blood on the gun’s stock and cocking mechanism.

Lucas was charged with reckless and negligent discharge of a firearm. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was still jailed on a $500 bond. Before going to jail, Lucas was treated at Piedmont Medical Center for a broken nose.

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