August 29, 2014

Rock Hill man charged with domestic violence, then his house is burglarized

A Rock Hill man was arrested for criminal domestic violence Tuesday evening, then his house was burglarized the next night

A Rock Hill man was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence Tuesday evening. The next night, his house was burglarized, police say.

The 28-year-old victim was riding with her husband, Jason Cousar, 31, and his friend in a sport utility vehicle to the Walmart on Dave Lyle Boulevard.

According to the police report, Cousar had allegedly used heroin and wanted his wife to get back into the vehicle. She refused and Cousar began chasing her in the store.

An unknown shopper intervened, blocking Cousar from his wife. Cousar snatched the purse off the victim’s shoulders, the report states. Police found and arrested Cousar’s friend and found the purse. Cousar was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence.

Cousar and the victim’s house was burglarized Wednesday evening. The stolen items belonged to Cousar, including a pair of hair clippers.

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