August 29, 2014

Rock Hill elementary’s rock art gets a hand from students

The Northside Elementary School spirit rock now bears a hand print from every one of the school’s 560 students.

Since the city of Rock Hill donated a “spirit rock” to Northside Elementary School last year, art teacher Kelli Passmore has been taking care of it, keeping it decorated for all the students and people in the neighborhood to see.

This year, Passmore wanted to try something a little different to make the kids feel more involved and to drum up school spirit.

“This is the first time the kids have had a hand in it,” Passmore said.

And she meant it quite literally.

All day Friday, she and a small team of other school employees and volunteers worked to stamp a hand print of each of Northside’s 560 students on the rock, so every student is represented in front of the school.

Getting children to stand still long enough to paint their hands, put them on the rock and not get it all over themselves or their classmates was a challenge at times, Passmore said, but the result was looking great by more than halfway through the day.

“They’re doing a great job and I really like the way it’s turning out,” she said.

Also included on the rock is a saying that plays off the theme:

“Hands down, best school around.”

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