We knew Iraq war was a mistake

The question now being posed to the announced and potential 2016 presidential candidates is: Knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq as president?


GOP could learn from Irish

Rather than express the humanity advised in the GOP autopsy after the 2012 presidential loss or heeding the voice of young Republicans, the candidates contort themselves on the question of whether they would even attend a gay wedding.


Pastors’ message was one of tolerance

Only a small group of York County’s Christian pastors signed a letter last week to encourage their brethren live in harmony with Muslims in the community. But we suspect the sentiments of the letter were shared by a large number of people of all faiths.


Talent loves the Anglo-Saxon model

Eight hundred years ago next month, English noblemen forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. It’s still having amazing effects on the world today. The Magna Carta helped usher in government with a separation of powers. It helped create conditions in which centralized authority could not totally control fiscal, political, religious or intellectual life. It helped usher in the modern Anglo-Saxon state model, with its relative emphasis on the open movement of people, ideas and things.

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