S.C. women deserve an equal-pay law

While Gov. Nikki Haley is predictably conservative on most issues, she sometimes is willing to go against the grain, such as when she recently helped lead the effort to bring down the Confederate flag that had flown on the grounds of the Statehouse. We suggest that she now consider leading the charge to pass equal pay protections for women in South Carolina.


With Iowa caucuses over, things get interesting

That this is a year when everything is up for grabs was confirmed Monday night in Iowa, with two almost equally unacceptable outsiders – Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – running 1 and 2 in Iowa’s Republican caucuses. The party establishment would take their own lives if one of them actually wins the nomination.


What the Iowa results mean

The big headline Monday night was a poor showing for the candidacy of Donald Trump, who underperformed both in losing to Sen. Ted Cruz and barely edging a surging Sen. Marco Rubio. Heading into next week’s New Hampshire primary, Trump’s campaign is not quite on life support, but it has lost its inevitability and most of its swagger.


The other greenhouse gas

Proposed limits on methane emissions from oil and gas wells on public land will protect the atmosphere

The rules would require drillers to reduce the methane that leaks or is purposely vented or flared from wells on government land

To make bigger difference, tighter rules would need to be applied


Editorial: Just go ahead and pass SC roads bill

Discussing what kind of roads bill the Legislature should pass might be futile when the Senate seems dead-set against passing any roads bill at all

The House passed a bill that likely would pass muster with the governor last year

Most of the income tax relief would go to the state’s wealthier taxpayers while the burden of higher gas taxes would hit low-income residents the hardest


Republicans have no anti-Trump strategy

The scale of Trump’s win should unsettle both his rivals and the pundits

He got almost as many votes as the next three candidates combined

Republicans who don’t want him are not much further along in finding a champion than they were before the Iowa and New Hampshire contests

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