When African-American churches burn

After last month’s mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, passions burned high in the South. Now, the flames have turned literal, with six predominantly black churches in Southern states catching fire in the weeks since the tragedy. The incidents are under investigation, at least two of them likely accidents. The other four have not been identified as hate crimes. Still, the painful history of attacks on black churches is cause enough for concern.


Europe’s many economic disasters

It’s depressing thinking about Greece these days, so let’s talk about something else, OK? Let’s talk, for starters, about Finland, which couldn’t be more different from that corrupt, irresponsible country to the south. Finland is a model European citizen; it has honest government, sound finances and a solid credit rating, which lets it borrow money at incredibly low interest rates.


Walk away from a bad deal with Iran

When former advisers to President Barack Obama contribute to an open, bipartisan letter outlining their collective concerns that the nuclear deal the administration is negotiating with Iran would fall very short of its own standard of a “good” agreement, something is wrong. And they aren’t the only ones who are nervous. Now that the deadline for the negotiations has passed, Obama should ignore the rhetoric that his legacy depends on an agreement and be prepared to reject a bad deal.

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