Is the SC Legislature overburdened?

I was writing this week about all the things the Legislature needs to do – from fixing our roads and overhauling our tax system to putting some teeth in our ethics law and reforming our judicial-selection system – when I found myself overwhelmed by the feeling that this was just too much to expect from a Legislature. Even if it were a Legislature that was in agreement that 1) those were all problems and 2) it was the Legislature’s job to solve them. Which ours isn’t.


Winthrop proactive on fraternity problems

Recent incidents involving fraternities at the University of South Carolina and Clemson University have prompted some state lawmakers to call for a clampdown on the Greek system at both schools. We take comfort in the fact that while Winthrop University has also is taking voluntary steps to prevent similar incidents, officials there have good reason to believe Winthrop is ahead of many other schools in guarding against such problems.


Drones stoke U.S. efforts in Yemen

The Obama administration promised it would still be able to target the al-Qaida affiliate that has repeatedly attempted attacks on U.S. soil. This week, the government appeared to make good on its word.

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