A rising epidemic of good behavior

Brooks’ anecdotes conflict with statistical reality – Americans are behaving better, not worse. Indeed, in most ways, American behavior is better than it has been in living memory.


Obama cuts federal carbon emissions

The order issued this month does not appear to incite controversy. Essentially, it sets goals for the federal government, the nation’s largest energy consumer, to conserve energy, cut harmful emissions and save money.


U.S. needs an education on race

Besides, Schultz’s biggest mistake was not in having baristas write a trite slogan, but in his failure to realize that much of the country is simply not equipped for the conversation he is inviting them to have.


Intolerance on the march

In many instances the bills conservatives are advancing are drafted so broadly that they would go much further – giving conceivable grounds for discrimination by individuals and businesses that might claim religious justification for their refusal to hire, employ or serve gay men or lesbians, or members of virtually any minority group.

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