The ‘exceptionally American’ problem of mass shootings

On Sunday, criminal justice professor Adam Lankford stood in front of a crowd of sociologists to explain how American culture contributes to the all-too-frequent American mass shootings. It's not just that we have a lot of guns, he said — though he does believe that the high rates of firearm ownership are partially to blame.


Impact fees could help cover road repairs

The Fort Mill Town Council voted Monday to approve impact fees for new construction to help defray the costs of public services and the wear and tear on roads. But the best way to spread those costs equitably would be to adopt impact fees in surrounding unincorporated areas.


Koreans back off

Tensions a threat to relations among the world’s major powers

The Koreans are one people and their reunification, like the Germans’, is a matter of time

The basis of the conflict between North and South is a war that ended 62 years ago


Are we witnessing the end of polio in Africa?

Nigeria passed a full year without a case of wild poliovirus

It has been a year since the last case was detected anywhere on the continent

Africa must be free of the virus for two more years before the WHO can declare it polio-free


Editorial: Let ideas drive debate over Tillman Hall

Vandalism and destruction of property do not fit in with Winthrop’s shared values

Tillman publicly supported lynch mobs and was known to have boasted that he had personally killed black people

There are better ways to spark a public conversation about building’s name

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